“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C.S. Lewis

Welcome book and tea lovers!! This blog is meant to inspire those interested readers who want to discover new and amazing books that are sitting in the nearby bookstore or collecting dust on your shelf.

The majority of my blog posts will contain some potential spoilers because they are reviews of the books that I have read. Typically, the first paragraph is an opinion about the book and the last paragraph discusses the tea selection. Therefore, if you prefer to skip the loose summary of the novel then by all means, feel free to skip to the parts you want to read.

Personally, my favourite genre is speculative fiction, but there are plenty of wondrous books in multiple different genres that create an experience not available in fictional works. But what makes reading a book better? Reading it with a warm cup of tea! Every book can be represented through a specific tea, giving a new life to the written adventures. This blog is mean’t to share the love for loose tea and the passion discovering memorable novels.

Lastly, all the photos attached to each post are ones that I take. I usually try to give you what the cover of the novel and the tea looks like. I also have a collection of about 25-30ish  different styles of tea cups that I will pair along with the literature I am writing about. I hope to share my undying passion for literature and tea with you while also introducing you to books that are different and inspiring!